Spanish Gazpacho

Gazpacho, a soup of Spanish origin, has taken a firm place in the list of cold soups all over the world. For its preparation, only raw ingredients are usedю The most typical ones are some celery, fresh cucumbers, a few garlic, sweet green pepper, red tomatoes, olive oil  and a little vinegar.

But the degree of their grinding can be different: some people like thick consistence and  finely chopped “liquid salad”. In the modern version, gazpacho is served as soup.

However,  in the villages of Andalusia you can still try gazpacho, which is  served in the afternoon after the main course. By the way, it’s really convenient to cook a whole jug of gazpacho. It is usually  into the fridge.

Thirsty people prefer to drink it, diluting with water. All in all there are hundred variants of gazpacho preparation. But in any case its basic ingredients are always unchanged and represented by some fresh bread and garlic. And, please, don’t forget about salt, olive oil  and a little vinegar.

In general we can distinguish three main categories of gazpacho: green, white and red.

This cold vegetable soup, which comes from Spain, certainly will be appreciated by fans of unusual national dishes, which are prepared quite simply.

What products to take

  • Tomatoes – 700 g
  • Cucumber – 100 g
  • Sweet pepper – 50 g
  • Onions – 70 g
  • Garlic – 1 clove
  • Olive oil – 100 ml
  • Salt – to your own taste
  • Wine vinegar – 20 ml
  • White bread without any crust (optional) – to taste

How to prepare this dish

Spanish gazpacho recipe is really easy to be prepared. The only thing you should do is to follow the steps.

 Step 1

Cucumbers have to be peeled and cut into small pieces. Put everything into a blender.

Step 2

Tomatoes are poured with boiling water, peeled and chopped. Add them to the cucumbers.

Step 3

Remove all the seeds from peppers and then chop the vegetables. Add to the cucumbers and tomatoes.

Step 4

Onions and garlic are peeled and cut. Add to other vegetables.

Step 5

Pour the vinegar inside.

Step 6

Add the olive oil.

Step 7

Salt and pepper your dish.

Step 8

Grind up to the puree condition, using your blender.

Step 9

If you find your gazpacho to be rather thin, you can make it thicker, adding a little bread and grinding it again in the blender.

Step 10

Cool and serve gazpacho with some olive oil.


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