Sangria is an alcoholic drink based on red or white wine and various fruits. It has a Spanish and Portuguese origin. Contemporary Sangria recipes have been known since the 19th century. This drink has a wine color, as well as a pleasant fruity aroma and fresh taste. Continue reading “Sangria”

Bean tsimmes

Tsimmes is a national popular dish of Jewish cuisine, which is represented by a vegetable stew.This dish is made from vegetables and dried fruits, but in rare cases even pears and apples are added to it. There are many variations of this dish: potato, carrot, chickpea or bean tsimmes. Continue reading “Bean tsimmes”

Stuffed fish

Jewish cuisine is really original and peculiar. Its recipes follow a special philosophy and are subject to certain rules. This oldest manner of preparation is popular with a variety of tasty and beautiful dishes. And one of the most important and well-known ones is stuffed fish. Continue reading “Stuffed fish”