Bean tsimmes

Tsimmes is a national popular dish of Jewish cuisine, which is represented by a vegetable stew.This dish is made from vegetables and dried fruits, but in rare cases even pears and apples are added to it. There are many variations of this dish: potato, carrot, chickpea or bean tsimmes. Continue reading “Bean tsimmes”

Stuffed fish

Jewish cuisine is really original and peculiar. Its recipes follow a special philosophy and are subject to certain rules. This oldest manner of preparation is popular with a variety of tasty and beautiful dishes. And one of the most important and well-known ones is stuffed fish. Continue reading “Stuffed fish”

Lentil soup

How to make soup from lentils is known for a long time. Why? – The matter is that its main ingredient is considered to be among the oldest crops of the planet. The recipe of this first dish comes from the ancient Egypt and Rome.Initially it was believed that the lentils soup was the perfect choice for the poor people . Continue reading “Lentil soup”